About IGDA Montreal

With the invention of the latest gaming gadgets, video games have reached a new height. Video game developers are using new technology to make the video games more impressive, engaging and immersive.

Developers’ work

Game developers stay updated with the latest technologies so that they can incorporate those in their games. They need to create video games that are compatible with the latest gadgets.

Video game awards

To encourage video game developers and the others in the industry, various types of awards are given. These awards work as a motivational factor to help them create better games.

Developers’ association

The video game developers often form networks to liaise with other developers so that they can learn from each other. They exchange their ideas to create new immersive games.

Featuredimage 4 Award Winning Online Slot Games This Year 570x380 - 4 Award-Winning Online Slot Games This Year

4 Award-Winning Online Slot Games This Year

The online casino gaming industry has become very competitive. Due to the increased customer demand, the developers are coming up with new games. Slot games are played the most and that’s why many developers focus on creating slot games. Every year good games are given recognition. Here are the top award-winning online slot games of…